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OpenOakland improves the lives of Oaklanders by advancing civic innovation and open government through engaged volunteers, community partnerships, and civic technology.

We make tools. They increase access to public information. Some help Oaklanders engage more effectively with local government and with each other. We collaborate with Oakland’s civic stakeholders. We help civic-minded volunteers make a difference in their city. Join us!

Find out what we’re about or start with projects we’re hacking. Get plugged in: our community meets weekly for civic hack nights each Tuesday from 6:30–9 p.m. in City Hall Room 3. Join us! Geeks, Suits, Wonks, and all Oaklanders are welcome!

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Are you ready for the new OpenOakland (look)?

Are you ready for the new OpenOakland look? As part of our growth and maturing we’re rolling out a new, clean look that embodies our core values. This weekend we’re switching to this bold new design, we hope you love it as much as we do!


This new design speaks to the elegance and meaning that simple data visualizations can bring to complex information, as well as to the strength of loosely coupled communities that are powerful together. our members and partners find unison and strength through our shared vision for what Oakland can be – open, accessible, transparent and innovative.

We’re excited about our new brand and logo. This is a visual identity that we hope becomes a known symbol of innovation and creativity, and one that represents Oakland well.

We started out late last year on a brand and identity process led by one of our long term members Jeff French, with the goal of better understanding our core values, shared identity and the broader message about who we are, why we exist – small questions like that…  Our original logo was developed rather fast with good guidance from Luke Fretwell of GovFresh, but we had found a sustained confusion about us being part of the City of Oakland. The tree symbol and our civic work gave people a very wrong impression, so we decided we needed to firm up our identity as our own thing.

OpenOakland-logo-inverted-w_tagline-1000Through this process we also come up with our new tagline – Community Powered Innovation.  We spent some time working through the concepts and words that best fit our identity, and in the process the top five words fell out as a perfect description of who we are and what we do – we’re a community of Oaklanders, loosely connected but in partnership, all our projects and events are built by, powered by those people, and we’re about innovation – or change, for good, for all.

identityWe’ll be refreshing our projects and sites with the new logo this week and it will become part of our work going forward. If you’re working with us we invite you to consider our new Style Guide before you embark on any visual or design work!

We’re really grateful to the endless hours Jeff put into this. For those of us who had not participated in a branding process previously, this was an enlightening and empowering process, and one that Jeff led us through with great skill and patience. If you’d like to read more about the process, you can read Jeff’s in-depth write-up.

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