We may have our own ideas of how technology can solve certain problems, but we also know that our community and our city staff have great ideas about how to do things better!  We’d love it if you shared your ideas with us- do you want to improve how information is made available about public meetings, provide better access to certain services or find data about something? Then tell us about it! We are listening and we do value your perspective.

I have an idea! Or a problem?

Let’s say you work in a city agency and you have a data problem, or you have a clunky paper form system that is horrible, inefficient and doesn’t give you good information. You don’t really have a full project idea, you just know something can be much better. Tell us. We want to hear from you, share your idea with us and maybe also hit us on the twitters. We want to know the following details as a starting point:

  • Who you are.
  • The problem, or the idea.
  • The context.
  • Why it matters.

Once you’ve given us this information we’ll consider the problem and hopefully like it, then we will get in touch to talk it over with you, maybe resulting in us helping you to develop a full project pitch as below!

I have an serious idea, and a plan (or an app)!

If you’ve gone beyond an initial problem or idea and have partially built a working app or have a well documented problem and solution set then we invite you to apply with our new project form:

Click Here for Access to the New Projects Form


This links you to our official project submission form, we ask that you complete it in as much detail as possible. If you get stuck on this form please contact us and one of our onboarding team will help you to complete it.

If you aren’t down with Google docs that’s ok, you can use a Word or PDF  version of this form. Just complete it as normal and submit via email.

Once you submit the proposal we will be in touch within a week to discuss it.  If you want an example of how this form should look then check out the sample from our EarlyOakland.com project here.